Alan Watt Redux 132 - "Earth is The Slaughter Ground" - Oct. 22, 2023

1 month ago

Aid into Gaza Strip - Offers Rescinded - Religions as Control Mechanisms - Gog, Magog - Eschatology - Astrology - Cornerstone - Arrest of Palestinian Singer - Beast System, Sign of the Beast - Shopping for Religion - Alan Watt poem, Matrix - Yahweh - British Israelism - Balfour Declaration - Catholic Pope, Jesuits - Death of Pope John Paul I, P2 Freemasonry - Pagan - Child Sacrifice - Phoenicians, Venice - Mystery Religion - Law, Saturn - Arthur Koestler, The Ghost in the Machine - Cities - Spiritual Death.

Transcript - Alan Watt on "Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru - April 13, 2005

Original Audio - Alan Watt on "Sweet Liberty" with Jackie Patru - April 13, 2005

Matrix - by Alan Watt (2007)

The Rise of the Global Police State

Aid convoy set to enter Gaza a ‘drop in the ocean of need’ says WHO

A Prestigious Law Firm Rescinded Job Offers for Columbia and Harvard Students, but It May Reverse Itself

Leading US law firm says it rescinded job offers to students who backed Israel-Hamas letters

The Gog and Magog people are gone and it is time now for Isaiah’s visions

Rabbi Reuven Lauffer - Jewish Eschatology: Gog and Magog

Dalal Abu Amneh - Ehna Flestinia (We are Palestinians)

The Forgotten Truth About the Balfour Declaration

For American Evangelicals Who Back Israel, ‘Neutrality Isn’t an Option’

David Yallop, Writer Who Saw a Deadly Vatican Conspiracy, Dies at 81

The Vatican-Israel secret negotiations of 1993

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