Parents-To-Be Throw Heartwarming Gender Reveal For Their Twin Babies

Published September 29, 2017 28,879 Plays $84.67 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesGender reveal parties are one of the hottest trends among today’s expectant parents. Parents gather a group of friends and family together and reveal the baby's gender so that everyone present can celebrate the biological sex of the upcoming birth.

Most often, the gender reveal parties include sealed boxes filled with balloons according to the baby gender i.e. pink balloons are used if the baby is a girl and blue balloons are used if the baby is a boy.

Starting a family is certainly one of the most special moments in people's lives. Parents are often very excited about the sex of their baby, so they decide to make a celebration out of it by organizing this kind of gender reveal parties to share baby's gender with close family and friends.

Watch as these lucky parents gather to find out the gender of their twins in a gender revealing ceremony. It is both wonderful and exciting as tension is rising.

There are two boxes on the ground, parents stand in front of them. Mom has box A and dad has box B. Parents are anxiously waiting to open the boxes as family is filming and cheering with joy.

After they open the firs box, white balloons fly from both boxes, and another smaller box is hidden inside. Parents are surprised and open the second box only to find teddy bears with blue envelops, which means its two boys.

The reading on their big sister's shirt says it all "Keep calm I'm still the only princess to twin brothers".