Big Sister Is Not Too Happy About Welcoming A New Baby Brother In Her Family

Published September 28, 2017 2,926 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsSolving the ever long enigma of sibling rivalry is like trying to count the threads in a Persian rug one by one. In other words, it’s a tedious job that no one wants to do. To top it all off, siblings are unpredictable, there are a lot of things that influence their behavior and they vary from person to person. But there is one thing that remains invariable, and that is that sibling rivalry can be as cute and funny as it can be a real nuisance for parents worldwide.

Take this girl for example. We can see that she is not too thrilled about becoming a big sister, to a brother. It seems that she is fond of the idea of having a little sibling, she just wishes it weren’t a boy. The reasoning behind this is that she probably would have liked to play dress up and teach a little sister how to use make up and talk about boys, but those plans were thwarted the minute she found out that she was getting a baby brother instead.

All of this isn’t a problem yet. She is a good person that will love her sibling no matter what. No, the problem comes when her parents find that she has used makeup and frilly girly clothes on her brother and later on when she starts to become too protective of him. Her parent’s don’t know it yet, but they’re in for a treat!


  • memefinley, 2 years ago

    Not trying to be funny but we’re did they get her from? She’s clearly of African Decent!!!!!

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