Gender Reveal Party Doesn't Go As Planned, Has A Surprising End

Published September 28, 2017 301,083 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsBaby announcements and gender reveals have become such a huge thing these past few years, the trend gave birth to a whole new industry and a welcomed boost to bakeries! Lavish and elaborate parties, pink and blue everything, tons of guests - all of that just to tell the world that you are expecting an addition to the family.

Not everyone can afford to throw a gender reveal like that, so many opt out for something smaller and modest. Sure, there is some color, and balloons, perhaps some cupcakes. The end result is always the same with the adults: everyone gets super excited about the news, screaming and hugging everybody, most of all the expecting parents. With kids, you can never know, but we still love watching those clips!

This family has a celebration to reveal the gender of their first child together. They played a trick on the family to keep them in suspense. A colored smoke bomb was supposed to go off when they opened the box, but all the attendees could see was something grayish white coming out, making someone in the background comment that this had to have something to do with fire, since the dad is a fireman!

But the first smoke bomb was actually white - they were just prolonging the announcement for all the people present. This video will keep you on your toes until the very end!