Baby Barely Holds Back Tears While Listening To Love Song

Published September 28, 2017 169,164 Plays

Rumble / Babies & KidsThis charming toddler is on the verge to burst in tears as her parents introduce her to an emotional love song. It is as if she has an "old soul" and an ear that grasps the full emotion of the music. Take a look at the way she is fighting the urge to simply break down and cry. It is so adorable to see this baby has an ear for romantic songs.

A cute baby is sitting on the floor as her parents put on slow music. At first, she attentively listens to the love song playing in the background and slowly adjusts its hearing to the sound of music, patiently capturing the meaning.

Then, as if she finally understood the lyrics or as if the melody simply got deep into her heart, the baby starts being a real melodramatic, and reacts by making sad face gestures. She cannot help falling in love with this song and eventually starts to shed tears.

Music is not only about the listening of the sounds, there is something much more. It is the words that create emotions and it is the story of the song narrated with a unique melody pattern. It sometimes lifts you up, or other time puts you down. This baby has the real blues for this kind of music, because it is just too much to handle .