Bride Sings Surprise Song At Wedding Ceremony

Published September 28, 2017 65,249 Plays $204.73 earned

Rumble / Memorable WeddingsIt's always beautiful to see the surprises that happen on wedding days. Usually it is the parents surprising the newlyweds, although it has been known to happen the other way around as well. The surprise can also happen into the form of a someone special to the bride, bringing her and everyone around her to tears. But we think it is safe to say that we have not seen something so elaborate as what this bride did for her chose one.

In a surprise wedding day twist on June 8, 2013, Stéphanie Hamelin Tamala, a professor of violin and piano from Carignan, Quebec, Canada, serenaded a beautiful and haunting rendition of the hit Frank Sinatra song ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ to her husband Alexandre Côté in St. Barnabas Anglican Church in Saint-Lambert.

Accompanied by a guitar, Stéphanie started the lyrics and then added her own accompaniment: She played violin for the instrumental first verse of the song after singing, “I love you.”

Stephanie’s gift to her beloved received a loud, standing ovation, as Alexandre immediately stood up to kiss her. One viewer who saw the clip on YouTube considered the music so beautiful that she even asked if Stéphanie had other recordings. As of October 2014, the video has had more than 63,000 views.