UCF Police Department Employees Struggling To Catch A Snake

Published September 28, 2017 377 Plays

Rumble / Funny & WeirdLet's face it - police officers are true heroes in many cases, but they are also only humans, like all of us. That being said, they have absolutely every right to have fears, just like us. And we're only saying this to prepare you for this unique video that features a snake and police officers.

Police at the University of Central Florida shared a video of an officer failing to keep his calm but succeeding in driving away an invading snake. The UCF Police Department posted a video to Facebook showing a police officer attempting to drive a snake out of a university building.
We see a woman with an umbrella as she pokes the snake, after which the snake tries to leave room and heads toward a door that's blocked with boxes.

The officer starts screaming after spotting the serpent, along with a string of profanities. The snake heads for an outside door, while the officer recovers fast enough to chase it while shouting: "The door! Somebody open the door!"

For a few moments, the officers lose track of the snake, but one of them quickly sees it again and opens the door, allowing it to escape.

Even officers get a little scared sometimes!

Credit: UCF Police Department