Journalism Under Assault Worldwide | Propaganda Narratives Being Pushed | UAW Strike | #HDWMT 98

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Story 1 - NewsGuild Demands Journalist Reveal Protected Conversations in Court
NewsGuild seeks a reporter’s confidential sources as it faces defamation suit: Angela Fu, Poynter
New York Times Voices Support for Payday’s Fight to Protect Survivors Names: Mike Elk, Payday Report

Story 2 - Solidarity with the UAW on Holding Out!
UAW says ‘more to be won’ despite record offers from automakers; declines to expand strikes: Michael Wayland & John Rosevear, CNBC

Story 3 - Study in Propaganda: Gaza, “Israel’s 9/11” & the Al-Ahli Arab Hospital Bomb
Propaganda blitz: How Mainstream Media is pushing fake Palestine stories: Alan MacLeod, MintPress News
“Failure of Imagination” Compilation by @Bigmadcrab2
“Israel’s 9/11” is a Slogan to Rationalize Open-Ended Killing of Palestinian Civilians: Norman Solomon, CounterPunch
How and why Israel’s disinformation campaign is enabling its massacre in Gaza: Abdaljawad Omar, Mondoweiss
War Profiteers' Stocks Soar as Israel Bombs Gaza: Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams
Dear Dove: Mr. Fish, ScheerPost
Mass Media Reporters Aren't Buying Israel's Hospital Bombing Story: Caitlin Johnstone
Dan Cohen Tweet
Investigations reveal discrepancies in Israel’s Gaza hospital attack claims: Al Jazeera Staff
Reef’s Tweet
Israel BANS Al Jazeera

- “Boats Smashing Into Other Boats” Reacts

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