Springdale first responders train for active shooter incidents

Published September 28, 2017

Rumble Police and fire departments across the country have learned a lot about how to respond to an active shooter incident. In Springdale, first responders recently held a mass shooting drill at a church.  "If a situation like this occurs, we want to try to save as many lives as possible," Officer Joe Warren said.  Springdale police and fire worked together in the joint exercise. They said they learned a lot since the incidents like the Columbine High School shooting and even since the Pulse nightclub shooting last year. This is the first time Springdale police and fire have had a chance to go through these scenarios. After running through the drill, they look at what they did right, what they did wrong and how they can improve. Officers and medics are rotating through the training over a three-week period. "Hopefully, we'll never have that situation," Chief Fire Inspector Tom Lindsey said. "But just in case, we want to be prepared for it."

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