This Kitten Learns Physics In A Way We All Would Have Loved To

JeremyandLuigiPublished: September 28, 2017Updated: October 6, 20173,105 views
Published: September 28, 2017Updated: October 6, 2017

When it comes to kids - anyone’s kids - the best way to learn something that will stick with them is through play! Kids starts learning about things from an early wage by drawing or coloring. Cats learn by playing day in and out!

Jeremy the Ragdoll kitten knows this perfectly well! With his Turbo Scratcher, one of the best multipurpose cat toys you can find online, Jeremy learns about the fun in physics, the importance of scratching and the fun aspects of gravity! If fact, it may just turn out that gravity is a cat’s best friend, because every time Jeremy pushes that ball, it comes right back down again, inviting the kitten to play!

The Turbo Scratcher is the perfect toy for cats - it has a ball that moves, but doesn’t go very far and a cardboard part to scratch to its heart’s desire! What more can a kitten ask for?

Though they are known to be lively beings, even cats have days when they would rather lay down and do nothing except breathe and soak in the warmth. This lazy cat happened to be having such a day and she apparently wanted to lay down on her favorite toy, but she chose the wrong one, because this one moves! Annoyed by the ball, the cat keeps pushing it away, but the damn thing comes right back again!

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