Dr. J. Jay Couey - Apr 28, 2023 - Red Deer, Alberta

8 months ago

A neurobiologist and research assistant professor at Pittsburgh University School of Medicine, Dr. Jonathan Couey was fired from his position for his position on transfection and masking. Dr. Couey states that the idea that a relatively benign virus can be turned into a pandemic potential virus, "is wholly unsupported by what we know about RNA [Ribonucleic Acid] versus DNA [Dioxyribonucleic Acid] replication possibilities." The reason it was pushed he said, "I believe that this mythology has been created over the last 20 or more years, especially with regard to coronavirus, with the idea of us having to surrender our individual sovereignty in a global inversion from freedom to some kind of fascism where you must have permission to do everything."

For the complete witness testimony, transcript, exhibits and more, please visit https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/witness/dr-j-jay-couey

Testimony Code: 2304RED306

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