Farm Animals Get Along With Pets

Published September 27, 2017 367 Plays

Rumble / Fascinating PeopleThis might be the cutest animal compilation of farm animals getting along with domestic pets.

What do you get when you mix farm animals with domestic pets? -A whole afternoon of laughing.

Dogs want to share their love and exchange kisses with cows, goats and even horses. Horses and dogs enjoy chasing each other and dogs just love walking their horses.

Black cat sits on a donkey, is that a bad sign? A goat cuddles with a dog, while a pig flirts with another dog. Thanksgiving is coming up, so dog and pig decided to carve a pumpkin together.

Chicken loves to tuck little kittens under its belly, together with its eggs. Cat and rooster share a fight but then other kitty cuddles and rubs on its best friend, the rooster.

Cow chases cat away, but then another cat rides on a cow. Dog is so passionately in love with a calf and sugars him with affection, while another dog argues with a goat.

Cat, dog and chick share their afternoon together. Another cat rides a pig, and evil horse pushes cat down the stall. Chicken trying to warm up baby kittens and cat sleeps next to a chicken in the shack.

Cat gives massage to the goat; horse cleans the ear of a dog; and a horse shares toy with a dog.

Little kittens riding a pig while dog and pig fight in the grass, another dog is chasing a goat, while cat and pig are having a nice alone time.

Cat and chicken share food from the same plate. Chicken scares cat away and cat drinks cow's milk.

Dog and pigs share a treat, more precisely, dog tries to become vegetarian.