Pregnant Woman Startled By Baby's First Kick

Published September 27, 2017 3,917 Plays

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesThe bond between a mother and her children is a supernatural thing. They are literally together since day one, spending some nine months as one before splicing to reveal a true wonder of Nature.

Experts claim that communicating with your baby while in utero intensifies the bond. Mothers all over the world have exclaimed how their children would react when they talk or sing to them while in the belly: the babies would move around, stretch and kick at the soothing sound of their mother’s voice. It is a universal language that all babies understand.

This mom managed to capture her son’s movements in her belly in just the right time. The woman witnesses her son's very first kick from inside her belly, and it definitely scares her based on how strong it was! Future soccer player here!

Young women who are expecting their first child can be terrified to feel their baby move in the uterus, mostly because of the way it would feel. “What if I don’t like the way it feels?” asks one woman on a popular Internet forum for mothers.

It is common for the fetus to move some 30 times per hour. Women say that in the early stages of pregnancy it feel like gas passing through their bodies; after a while the feeling intensifies, but so does their body’s tolerance for the awkward feeling of “an alien inside you trying to get out”. Mothers are able to recognize a pattern in their baby's movements and it gives them reassurement that they will meet their little bundle of joy very soon!