When This Cat Tried To Communicate With Her Big Brother, It Turned Out Just As Expected

Koolme666Published: September 27, 2017Updated: September 29, 2017131,595 views
Published: September 27, 2017Updated: September 29, 2017

Cats are big on personal space, in terms that they quite strongly protect their own, but couldn’t care less about your own. If you ever tried to approach a cat first, you probably know what we are talking about.

Invading a cat’s own personal space will likely result in a few shallow and several deeper scratches, a bite here and there and definitely a lifelong dislike of the entire feline kind! People have been scarred for life, figuratively and quite literally, after their tried to interact with a cat that would rather be left the hell alone.

Reading a cat’s signs that she would like to be left alone can be rather difficult for those who are unfamiliar with the feline species, but every once in awhile even cats themselves fail to recognize the signs they send to each other, resulting in a very hilarious cat fight. Here’s what we are talking about:

Kylo the grey and white cat is communicating to Bones, the other cat, that she needs her space. See how she puts her front paws on her big brother’s face and tries to push him away. He makes some futile attempts to catch her off guard by extending a paw towards her side, but she nibbles on it and he pulls it right back. Kylo wants to show him who's boss, but that is all about to change and we think you all know what’s about to happen in the end.

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