Airplane Suffers Front Wheel Malfunction, Crash Lands On Propellers

mikebrbbPublished: September 27, 201737,949 views
Published: September 27, 2017

Even the most seasoned of airplane passengers have that tiny spark of fear in the back of their heads every time they go flying. It is normal to feel fear out of something that doesn’t come naturally to human, flying being one of them. We are accustomed to have both our feet safely on the ground.

Despite people’s fears of flying, air travel is statistically the safest mode of transportation in the world. The only thing that makes flying dangerous isn’t the takeoff or the flying itself - it is the landing procedure. The increasing proximity of the ground towards the aircraft, as well as the wild crosswinds that are known to cause trouble on some airports, are the main culprits in most crash landings.

Then, there are the technical difficulties that can happen in the blink of an eye and the only thing standing between the passengers on the aircraft and certain death in the pilot’s experience and calm demeanor while trying to land the flying can!

When this plane's front wheel dangerously malfunctions, the pilot is forced to perform an emergency landing. At first, the plane’s propellers stop working just above the ground, but the pilot restarts the engine and they start turning. But just as they try to lower the front of the plane on the strip, the front landing wheel collapses, forcing the plane to come to a halt using the propellers.

Luckily it's a small plane and everyone was OK!

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