Stubborn Dog Absolutely Refuses To Take Bath

Published September 27, 2017 36,788 Views

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesHaving a dog is a massive responsibility; after all, we (almost always) get them as babies and we have to teach them basic domestic manners to keep them healthy and ourselves happy. But in the end, they are our babies and they can sure behave that way.

Such is the case of Pork Chop, the German Shepherd mix dog. It is more than evident that his human parents love him to bits, because he is as spoiled as they come. And he has been behaving like a small child too, went out for some fun and came back home smelling a little bit strange.

When realization hit his owners that Pork Chop might have rolled himself into some poo and who knows whose it was, they instantly knew what had to be done. They ran some warm water into a tub, poured some shampoo and grabbed the sponges. Now all they have to do is get the stinky dog in the bath.

But here’s s the thing: Pork Chop doesn’t like bath time. Maybe he thinks it is a waste of time, or maybe he just doesn’t want to smell like something man made.

Pork Chop knows exactly what he did and he probably hates it, but he hates that frothy water more and there is no way in doggy hell he is getting inside that tub!