This Family Of Raccoons Will Do Anything For Popcorn

Published September 27, 2017 7,447 Views $92.85 earned

Out of all the members of the animal kingdom, raccoons have to be the most resourceful of them all! Colloquially, they are called by many names - trash pandas and masked bandits, and for a very good reason.

If you live somewhere near a wooded area, chances are big that you will find or have found a raccoon on your property in the past. They are scavengers, meaning they search for their food instead of lurking in the bushes to hunt. As humankind has grown in size, so has the raccoons’ scavenging area. But their resourcefulness has come to shine as they found a new source of food - people’s trash and sometimes their generosity.

At a popular tourist location in Montreal, Canada, this family of raccoons show up looking for whatever they can get. Watch as the mother and her 5 babies climb right up onto the people around them. They even sit on their laps! When they finally find a tourist who's willing to share his snack, they all crowd around eating popcorn together!

There is, however, one thing that you should always have in mind when considering feeding wild animals near your house. By all means, do not let them associate your own house with the food they receive.

You might get tempted to leave food out on your porch or in front of your door. Just remember that raccoons are adventurous animals, some more than other individuals and they might see this as an invitation to discover what other treats your house might offer!

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