Dad Entertains Himself With Baby Version Of Classic 'Mission Impossible' Scene

damagenc55Published: September 27, 2017403,429 views
Published: September 27, 2017

No mission is too difficult for this baby.

While cleaning up with the baby strapped to him in a carrier, this fun-loving dad noticed she was trying to grab stuff while he was picking up. That moment led him to create this clip!

When your dad is a huge action movie buff, then he will definitely make use of you still needing that baby carrier to recreate Tom Cruise’s classic vault scene from “Mission: Impossible.” And this dad did an impeccable job with it. There’s is just one problem.

Unlike in the 1996 film, this baby is not out to retrieve some top secret files. It just wants its toy back.

Music aside, when some of you take a look at this amusing clip, you might say that it actually looks like an arcade claw game. Those of you with a little bit more sense of humor will definitely say “it’s a tiny Tom Cruise in the making”. Although that iconic movie scene has been recreated time and again of different platforms, one thing we can all agree on is that this is the cutest recreation we have seen to date!

Dads are super awesome when they are left alone with their babies! This dad made his baby dance to Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”, since he is probably more of a dance than an action movie lover! That is so hilarious!

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