Kid Throws Ball At Little Sister, Receives Instant Karma

Published September 27, 2017 33,652 Plays $108.99 earned

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesYounger kids won’t admit to it, but sibling are awesome! Everyone comes to realize that once they grow out of the pettiness of their childhood days. Sure, we used to fight all the time when we were kids over the silliest of things, although most of the times it was because “you’re not my mom”!

Even the most harmonious of siblings fight sometimes, because it is the circle of life. The older one might try to tease the younger one, which will result is an argument that initially begins from the premise that they are equal, “so how dare you pull my pants down” and similar embarrassing instances we would rather not talk about…

Bottom line is, karma follows you everywhere! You can’t hide from its sweet presence and sooner or later, it will hit you. Just like it hit this girl’s older brother, as he tried to be all high and mighty, when in fact he was just clumsy and hasty in his attempt to show greatness in front of his sister, with dad right there!

So what does he do, after his sister teases him that he is too big for the boat? He walks up behind her and tries to hit her on the head with his ball, but misses and hits the floatie instead. The ball ricochets back and he tries to catch it, losing his balance in the process and almost falling face down in the water! Dad caught the whole thing on film and started laughing his socks off!

“Ah, classic! I’m so glad I caught that on film!” We are too, dad!


  • evans, 2 years ago

    little sister through the ball behind her without looking and got him in the face as he was getting his balance back karma hits again

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