WATCH: Here's what it looks like when a driver passes a cyclist too closely

Published September 27, 2017 1,066 Views

Rumble If you're traveling between Pleasant Ridge and West Chester during the morning or evening rush, chances are you've seen Fraser Cunningham and his bicycle. You can't miss him -- his bike is lit up like a Christmas tree. "I'm just a guy biking to work," Cunningham told WCPO. "I have a flag sticking out three feet with a light on it." The lights and flag come with good reason. Lack of visibility ranked as one of the leading causes of fatal motorist-cyclist collisions -- which increased by 12 percent nationally in 2015 -- according to the most recent data available from the Governors Highway Safety Association. The GHSA released the data in a report earlier this year. It also showed that most drivers reported not seeing a cyclist on the road until it's too late, and that collisions often occurred due to inattentiveness by both parties involved. The 12-percent increase made fatal motorist-cyclist collisions the fastest-growing in that year, but it wasn't all bad news. The data also showed an overall decrease -- including non-fatal -- in collisions between bikes and cars.

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