Dr. Gregory Chan - Apr 26, 2023 - Red Deer, Alberta

8 months ago

Dr. Chan gives outstanding testimony of his journey through COVID with various patients and describes the pushback he received after reporting harms from shots. One of Dr. Chan's patients was the 14 year-old boy with a terminal brain tumor, cited by Deena Hinshaw as Alberta's first death from COVID-19 in a young person. This was untrue as determined by the coroner. Dr. Chan reported, "So I followed the advice of the Medical Examiner’s office to leave COVID out of the diagnosis. So then, lo and behold, within a week, his name and his case is announced on the news."

For the complete witness testimony, transcript, exhibits and more, please visit https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/witness/dr-gregory-chan

Testimony Code: 2304RED104

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