Dr. Chong Wong - Apr 22, 2023 - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

8 months ago

A family and integrative medicine physician Dr. Chong Wong, recounts some of his experiences dealing with patients who suffered from vaccine adverse events and mental illness due to stress and anxiety from vaccine mandates and lockdowns. Describing he interactions with family providers Dr. Wong said, “it’s so heart-wrenching to see full grown men in tears and so much stress because, as you know, men are the providers. And so proud of their work as providers. And here are these men that are just, like, broken. He also describes how these patient interactions affected his own health and wellbeing.

For the complete witness testimony, transcript, exhibits and more, please visit https://nationalcitizensinquiry.ca/witness/dr-chong-wong

Testimony Code: 2304SAS310"

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