Courageous Mama Saves Her Drowning Puppy

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Published: September 26, 2017

Animals have great instinct when it comes to family. This footage shows a mama dog strenuously trying to rescue her drowning puppy. One of her puppies fell into a puddle that is actually a hole inside the concrete porch. The owner and mother dog quickly worked out a rescue plan. The man digs into the hole with a bucket, removing dirt and water, making the hole big enough so that mama dog can get inside to the puppy. The mother helps by digging in with her paws and impatiently waiting to get to the hole.

She is so caught up in the process to save her baby, and her instinct rushes wildly. Soon after, she gets into the puddle under the concrete porch to rescue her tiny puppy. Moments later we see how the mother dog come out of the hole, carrying in her mouth the still body of a tiny puppy and takes it to a dry place. The owner tries to resuscitate the still body of the puppy.

In the second footage, we see proud mama dog feeding and cleaning three baby puppies, one of which we assume is the lucky puppy who was saved from drowning in the pond.

Talking about motherly instincts kicking in, another video has emerged from Algonquin Provincial Park in Canada of a moose saving her calf from drowning. In the clip the mother and calf go for a swim in a lake when the calf suddenly becomes trapped on a fallen log. The mother tries to reach her struggling offspring form the bank but can't quite get to it. With time running out the mother moose swims out to the exhausted calf and manages to coax it to the bank where it eventually clambers to safety. The remarkable moment was caught on camera in 2015 but has only recently come to light.

Good thing this mother moose rescued her little calf or else the unthinkable could have happened. Despite this scary circumstance, this really was something spectacular to behold. Nature is all around us and it can offer you so many amazing things! Sometimes your just have to take a step out of the virtual world and embrace the environment around you! After all, your smartphone can never replicate a true experience with nature!

In another video, we see rescuers Somen, Raktim and Tapash using a makeshift bamboo stick to usher the pup out into the open, where they could pluck it to safety. Eventually, after five minutes they managed to successfully get him out, but the scared pup started biting out of self defence. Undeterred they kept fighting to save the little pup from drowning.

The dog was covered head to toe in a thick filth from the polluted water, which they washed off in a bucket and sent the pup on its way to reunite with its happy mother. After his rescuers bathed him to clear the dirt off his body, he quickly calmed down and relaxed, and once clean they reunited him with his mother. Faith in humanity restored!

Have you ever seen something like this before? What was your reaction to watching this video? Let us know down in the comments section below! Please share this video with your family and friends as this is truly something that should not be missed!

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