This Toddler Can't Control Her Emotions After Meeting New Puppy

Published September 26, 2017 14,048 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsThis is footage of a girl meeting an adorable little puppy. She is overly excited to see this dog and can't wait to pet her new little baby dog.

The little girl is having a great time. She is laughing and is so much adorable to watch. She is happy to meet her little hairy friend, Gus.

Gus is now just a little baby dog, who is still scared and not very playful.

The girl has to learn how to be patient and very gentle when she pets Gus. She takes her little hands and places them on Gus's hand, she is gentle and sweet. It is love at first sight. She is in great mood, she laughs, and squeaks while she pets Gus. What a precious interaction.

There is so much emotion going on. He is her best friend, already. She wants to pick him up, but he is so scared and quiet and just sits there.

Who wouldn't want to pet this little brown fellow, he is so tiny and cute. He will be a great friend when he grows up, they will be tight buddies.

Gus needs to go potty in the yard, and the girl is told to sit patiently and wait for him to come back so that they can continue cuddling again.

Watch these girls meet their sweet, little, adorable puppy and have the best surprise ever.


  • warriorbride, 2 years ago

    that girl is way too young to have a dog she could pull or pinch or hurt him so I hope that the parents don't let her be with him alone for fear of the poor puppy getting hurt, a child should at least be 5 years old or older because they have to take him for a walk, feed him and know and learn responsibility for taking care of their dog

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