Baby Learns Grandma's Song Almost Instantly, Starts Singing Along

Published September 26, 2017 2,779,606 Views

Rumble / Heartwarming FamiliesGrandma knew the perfect way to bond with her newborn granddaughter. All she had to do is sing “I”m In The Mood For Love” and the mellow tune would stimulate the babe to starts singing on her own! Surely enough, the baby girl starts belting out sounds that impressively mimic the tune coming out of grandma’s mouth!

The benefits of signing, whether you can carry a tune or not, are many. But what are they?
Sandra Trehub, a researcher at the University of Toronto, Mississauga, has studied the impacts of singing to babies and found that singing, even more than talking, keeps babies calm and can lead to stronger social bonds with parents, greater language fluency, and improved overall health.

“Babies recognize the voice much, much earlier than they recognize a mother’s face,” says Trehub. “Voice is a very powerful stimulus for an infant.”

In fact, other researchers have found that there is a growing faction of scientific study explaining why music, and singing, in particular, crosses cultures around the world. Music serves a crucial developmental function from birth, and people are simply wired to pay attention to singing. In a different study conducted by Trehub and her colleagues, she found that babies as young as 6-8 months old could listen to audio recordings of people singing and match those recordings to videos of people singing with the sound turned off. The suggestion is that babies are naturally “in tune” with auditory stimuli and singing.