Vulture Joins Father And Son On Paragliding Adventure

Published September 26, 2017 4,841 Views

Rumble / Extreme SportsThis 4 year old toddler named Talo has grown up around both birds and paragliding. He watches his dad take customers on Parahawking flights daily and meets them afterwards to chat about the birds and their flights.

Parahawking is an activity that combines paragliding with falconry. Birds of prey are trained to fly with paragliders, guiding them to thermals.

Talo is enjoying his amazing childhood. He flies with the birds and enjoys some alone time, hanging with papa. He sure knows how to live his life, his friends must be jealous of him.

Talo finally got a chance to join the birds in the air and he absolutely loved it. He and his dad went paragliding and Talo wore a falconry glove throughout the entire flight. The hawks would come to the paraglider and stand on his glove midst flight. How awesome is that. The birds seem to be enjoying this fun ride as well.

Not only he flies with the birds he also touches and pets them, and they fly together in harmony. Parahawking was a very cool sport indeed.

Talo is now overjoyed with excitement every time his father mentions parahawking and he wants to go all the time. Of course, his dad won't mind to take him anytime he wants.


  • einsteinparrot, 2 years ago

    That was absolutely beautiful!

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  • warriorbride, 2 years ago

    Paragliding is very DANGEROUS ! IF there is no BREEZE or AIR to keep you up you can fall and kill yourself and you can't control the weather so I would NEVER go up there and for the father to take his son to me is NOT very SMART OR WISE to do, he can put himself in harms way but to put his child in danger to me is NOT a RESPONSIBLE parent at all !

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    • scottmason, 2 years ago

      Wow, you clearly know nothing about paragliding or parenting. You carry on enjoying your boring life whilst the rest of us have some fun.

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