Episode #2 – Alexsey Belan Could Be Selling Your Information

8 months ago

This episode highlights the story and crimes of Alexsey Belan, a Latvian hacker best known for Yahoo data breaches and for stealing the information (login, credit card, etc.) of millions. All at about only 19 years old!

This highly evasive young man was also well-known for hacking into Wordpress and e-commerce websites. As such, the US put out an international warrant for his arrest along with a $100,000 reward. He was once arrested in Greece, but somehow escaped, fleeing to Russia where, of course, he found sanctuary as he’s worked with the government there to hack accounts of multiple foreign dignitaries and businesses.

Aside from his work compromising half a billion Yahoo accounts, Alexsey used his skills as a side hustle to drive Yahoo search engine users to his affiliate links, earning him what we now call “passive income.” Little is known about this mastermind these days, but it’s assumed he continues to steal and sell the information of countless unsuspecting internet users.

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