The Breizh Mamba Scores Another Amazing 82 Foot Basketball Shot

Published September 25, 2017 288 Plays

Rumble / Trick ShotsYoann Simon, aka "The Breizh Mamba", is an instant Internet celebrity. Aged 28, the basketball player is a showman and the videos of his basketball feats have swiped the Internet, reaching more that 11 million views.

This video is a proof of his love and devotion to <a href="" target="_blank">basketball</a>. Yoann, running far outside the basketball court, jump climbs a <a href="" target="_blank">massive</a> slab of rock and, taking a large swing, shoots the ball towards the net in the far distance. The net is so far away that he has enough time to make a gesture, jump down from the rock and slap his thigh while waiting for the ball to perfectly enter the rim!

Originally from Camors, he started playing basketball at the age of 8. "I started by watching videos of Michael Jordan," he explains. "I liked his aestheticism and his aerial game."

The idea of making his own videos came only later: after receiving a gift camera, he decided to film himself in order share his own feats. Finally, in June of 2015, success finally came for our showman. He was spotted and his videos were picked up by an American website, uploaded and promoted to make the buzz. ‘In all, I have more than 11 million views on Facebook, including a video that has made more than 6 million views’ says Yoann.

Followed by NBA players and even approached by the Harlem Globetrotters, his success is mostly on the other side of the Atlantic. "In France, I am the only one to do that. There, they love my creativity and the fact that I do something different."

Such success requires work, and it is not so simple as it seems: several hours of trying to get the ball into the basket are a must. He works 6 days a week, so it's hard to find the time. "I almost stopped. But I know there are kids who follow me so it motivates me to continue," explains Yoann.