Shutting Down the Top MLB Teams l MLB The Show 23 RTTS l 2-Way Pitcher/Shortstop Part 85

8 months ago

Hello and welcome to the next iteration or what is the third Road to the League we are doing on the channel with a 2-Way player. Last year the 2-Way player was broken and we ultimately haven't done a road to the show in a few years but now, with MLB the Show 23, the 2-Way player is now fixed. So we are running with a Breaking Ball Pitcher and a Power Hitting Shortstop. We are going to have actual goals in this my player which is:
-1. Get to AAA-
-2. Get to the Show-
-3. Be the NL Rookie of the Year-
4. Become the Ace of the Cubs (or whatever team if we are traded)
5. Win the Cy Young Award for the first time
6. Win a Silver Slugger Award at DH/Pitcher
7. Win an MVP Award
8. Win a World Series


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