Beanie Babies Show Us That Old Toy Boxes Are A Treasure Trove

Published September 25, 2017 70 Views

Rumble It is amazing how much money collectable items can be worth. It almost makes you want to keep everything forever to see how much value it will hold in the future. Popular franchises of toys definitely could have tons of value later down the line. Popular items such as Star Wars collectable, Cabbage Patch Kids, and lots of superhero related items all sell for great prices! Lots of buyers look for pieces to finish off their collections or to bring back some sort of nostalgia. Comics are big items that people search for and will pay great money to finish off their collection! This video discusses Beanie Babies, the stuffed plush toys, that are going for lots of money. Hopefully you kept the Beanie Babies you had as a child!

Beanie Babies were invented by Ty Warner in the early 1990s and were a big craze among people of all ages. Something so simple as a little animal stuffed with small bean-like plastic pellets become a worldwide sensation. Although they aren’t even as close to being as popular as they once were, people around the world are still seeking them out. They are willing to pay top dollars to complete their collections and find those rare Beanie Babies. Get ready to start digging through your storage for those old Beanie Babies!

The first Beanie Baby on their list is a purple one called the First Edition Princess Diana. Obviously, this is a popular one due to who it is named after and her surprising and untimely death. This purple Beanie Baby has a white flower on its chest and was actually bought by one person for 12 dollars at a yard sale and sold for 25,000 dollars! Next is the Piccadilly Attic, this is a fuzzy brown bear who looks to be dressed in a clown suit. Definitely a very cute Beanie Baby! For this clown Beanie Baby, buyers are only looking for it in mint condition, meaning pretty much brand-new condition! If you have this particular bear with a certain tag on it, you can get up to almost 250,000 dollars for it. That is actually almost 5 times the yearly salary for average Americans! You can have a 5-year long vacation!

Bernie is the next Beanie Baby who is a cute little dog, and while not as expensive as others, it can still go for 500 dollars. That’s quite a bit of money for a small dog! There is a way to get lots of money for Bernie, it is a rare mistake of being made with double tags. If you own a version of Bernie like this, you can make 75000. Who knew all these Beanie Babies could be worth so much! The most expensive Beanie Baby in this video is definitely the Piccadilly Attic, but all of these Beanie Babies can definitely give you a serious payday. It seems most collectors are very interested in the factory defects, or wrong tags, or double tags. Start scouring through your collection and see what you can find!

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