BBN, Oct 19, 2023 - New video evidence points to Israeli...

5 months ago

Brighteon Broadcast News, Oct 19, 2023 - New video evidence points to Israeli AIR BURST bomb striking al-Ahli hospital grounds

0:00 New Video Evidence
1:05:21 Interview with Anthony Rubin

- Conservative media publishers across the USA push Israeli government talking points
- Because "Israel," they suddenly believe government authorities
- The bombing of the al-Ahli hospital used an AIR BURST bomb
- The air burst did not destroy hospital buildings, but killed hundreds of people
- The people were sleeping in the courtyard, outside the buildings, adjacent to the parking lot
- Vehicle roofs and hoods were crushed FROM ABOVE, proving air burst (not ground burst)
- #Israel bombed the streets near another hospital within 24 hours
- Official UN report says Israel has bombed hospitals 51 times since Oct. 7th, killing 15 healthcare workers
- Israel routinely LIES about committing atrocities
- Israel wanted to blame Jihadis to further justify #genocide and THEFT of Gaza land
- Israeli government produces a laughable "intercepted recording" to try to shift blame to Jihadis
- This is the same government that claims it didn't have any intelligence about the Oct 7th attack

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