Toronto's Spider-Man demonstrates how to be a pickup artist

Published September 24, 2017 1,181 Plays $2.96 earned

Rumble / Entertainment LifeThere is a masked superhero in Toronto who has talents beyond what you see in the movies. He's literally able to pick up women all day long. With a blend of humor and charm, he sweeps them off their feet and into his arms. With a skill for engaging the crowd, he offers to pose with people for a picture. They get a little more than they bargained for when they suddenly find themselves hoisted off the ground or thrown over his shoulder. Even the dads get lifted which leaves the kids laughing.

In a candid interview, Toronto's Spiderman talks openly about his job, his idea of a successful day, and even his laundry techniques. If you see him hanging around in the City of Toronto, stop and have a chat. Better yet, take a minute for a picture. And don't forget that Spiderman always appreciates your tips.


  • zamzaga, 2 years ago

    Spiderman, come to Croatia lol ;-)

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  • einsteinparrot, 2 years ago

    Tough job, but somebodies got to it!

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  • cdngreenwaterdiver, 2 years ago

    looks like a fun day at the tower, good footage

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  • winkeldinkel, 2 years ago

    Can Spider-Man file for workman's comp for the back strain?

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