Trump On Strange Endorsement: I Might Have Made A Mistake

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Published: September 23, 2017Updated: September 25, 2017

Trump insisted Friday night that Strange had a better chance of winning the primary and going onto win the general election.
"I have to say this, and you understand this, and just look at the polls. Luther will definitely win," he said. "Roy [Moore] has a very good chance of not winning in the general election."
The president said if Strange does not win, he would be blamed for the loss.
"I might have made a mistake. And I'll be honest, I might have made a mistake, because, you know, here's a story, if Luther doesn't when, they're a very short period of time. They're going to say, 'Donald Trump, the president of the United States, was unable to pull his candidate across the line,'" he said.

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