This 'Sock Collector' Gets Confronted, Still Won't Let Go Of His Booty

elly_elinPublished: September 23, 2017Updated: October 2, 20178,157 views
Published: September 23, 2017Updated: October 2, 2017

It seems that most dogs are not interested in learning that their human's belongings are not to be used as chewing toys. Here we have a classic example of a puppy that does not seem to understand that he needs to stop collecting his owner's socks and chew on them.

Don't you wish you could just chow down on a sweaty, smelly old sock? Well, probably not, but your dog does. A nasty sock is a delicacy to him, and while it's kind of gross, it's also natural, so you can't blame him too much.

If bored and looking for some way to release his energy, your dog doesn't have to dig very deep in the closet to find your socks and discover an instant toy. Also, things that smell of you are particularly attractive to your devoted little buddy.

Even after he is confronted and told not to he continues chewing on his prey. The face he makes when he is being told is simply adorable. He just stares with his big puppy eyes, begging for forgiveness.

See how delighted is this dog to bite and chewing his owner's socks. He chews on the socks because it feels good. When he's a puppy, chewing is part of the teething process, but when he grows up, it's more like chewing gum to him. The soft, squishy texture is irresistible, especially if he favors soft, plush chew toys.

Only humans like clean socks, but dogs would rather have the nastiest and dirtiest old gym socks. Your dirty socks smell like you, and chewing on them makes your dog feel a little bit closer to you. Chewing on your smelly sock is like wrapping himself up in a security blanket.

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      warriorbride ยท 1 year ago

      why don't you buy him some soft toys instead guy hello its your fault he probably DOESN'T have any soft toys to chew on or go to PETSMART and buy some spray that you can spray on your CLOTHES, SHOES AND FURNITURE that tastes NASTY and he will STOP lol