hitler vs. rothschild

6 months ago

hitler vs. rothschild

in 1932 german unemployment is 30%- 7 million unemployed

german ppl r hungry, poor n forced to pay huge debt to foreign powers

1933- hitler comes to power

the german central bank is privately controlled by the rothschilds

1933 hitler comes to power

immediately he sets out to restore the german economy and free the german worker from the debt system

hitler kicks out rothschilds
takes german off the rothschild controlled "gold-standard"
hitler issues new debt-free money

german economy instantly begins to recover

yes germany was infiltrated by cabal- thats a common world enemy- learn the real history- beware of "his-story" 🧐😉🫶✌️

#staycuriousANDkeepsmilin #truthSoldiers

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