Patient Labs that FINALLY Revealed the Cause of their Symptoms

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In today’s Cleanse Heal Ignite episode with Diane Kazer, Warrior Wednesdays to help you become your own best defender! Prepare to be INpowere’ed and INspired.

1. NEW Poison & Parasites in the Jabbed (and most humans today) + the right and WRONG ways to Expel them (95% miss these 2 Previous steps)
2. Big Gun Toxins & the MAIN Sites of exposure
3. The Obesity Crisis & Medical Implant Disasters (the TRUTH doctors don’t warn you about…especially mesh)
4. Diabetes … it’s not just a Carb problem or Overeating (and how to fix it)
If you’re overwhelmed on what all this means, where to start, the best place to get these things, how to set them up, the order of priority etc. don’t worry I’ve got you covered, we’ll dive into them all tomorrow!

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Sending love, blessings and God’s protection over you all in this spiritual battle we are all in!

Love, Warrior Di

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