A photo a day: The worst year of my life.

Published September 22, 2017 11,233 Plays

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  • FocusPocus, 1 year ago

    And there are no comments?? Geezus! I hope that year and the reasons for those injuries is long gone. If it was a male partner doing that to you, I hope they never find his body! Let's see 2017 with a smile a day!

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  • oglesbym, 1 year ago

    I believe the sign at the end says something fatalistic like, "I don't know if I will be here tomorrow." It is Bosnian or something similar.

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  • TheEbonyDiva3, 1 year ago

    That poor woman...So many women suffer in silence. I pray she got the help she needed. We really need more information...the photos are truly powerful.

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  • burger414, 1 year ago

    I see and feel your pain. I wish there was something I could do to help.

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  • Mommy2TwoBoys, 1 year ago

    We need to know more. We need to know if she's OK and safe now. She is very brave to post her experience.

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  • gypsysnail, 1 year ago

    I hope that horrible man got locked up!!!! It makes me furious to see men beating you up! I hope you left him and are in a better place and much happier xoxox

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  • kathleenmcmahon, 1 year ago

    Not in your shoes...but....after the first hit and probably an apology from the abuser, I would have started looking for somewhere else to go. As stated below by FocusPocus hope they never find the body! If the a..hole is still breathing....Karma will catch up someday! Hope you are in a much better place and getting the support you need.

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