Understanding the History of the Holy Land with Mel K and Matt Ehret

4 months ago

In this Episode of the Mel K Show, Matt breaks down the dynamics shaping the Middle East with a look to the revival of the danger of peace through development that was emerging at the end of the 19th century with the unveiling of the Berlin-Baghdad Railway, and broader international rail cooperation program with followers of Abraham Lincoln in Russia, China, France, German and the Ottoman Empire working to usher in a new anti-imperial system based on Constitutional banking. The age of assassinations, coordinated world wars, and regime change operations, as well as the forgery of the Protocols of Zion and rise of fascism is also addressed through this historic lesson.

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Supplementary Reading:

1) The Forgotten Jewish-Christian-Muslim Alliance and China’s Silk Road https://risingtidefoundation.net/2021/12/27/the-forgotten-jewish-christian-muslim-alliance-and-chinas-silk-road/

2) Putting the Jewish Conspiracy into Perspective https://matthewehret.substack.com/p/putting-the-jewish-conspiracy-into

3) Who Really Created the Middle East Terror Apparatus? https://cynthiachung.substack.com/p/who-really-created-the-middle-east

4) Charlemagne and the Ecumenical Principle (online book) by Pierre Beaudry http://www.amatterofmind.us/history-2/history-book-i/

Matt and Cynthia's books:

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