China Threat Looming

Published September 20, 2017 1 Plays

Rumble A look at current challenges for the U.S on a global scale and it doesn't take long to see that most roads lead in some way through China.

Whether it's matters dealing with the economy and trade or ones related to our nation's security, China's influence over both our adversaries and allies warrants it being the highest priority for our diplomatic and defense policies.

As America's debt level continues to rise with China acquiring more of the control and with North Korea seeking strategic alliances in pursuit of its nuclear ambitions, the U.S cannot afford to let more time pass by without a plan to keep China at bay and protect our interests.

It will take coordination and leadership from key Trump administration cabinet members to ensure the United States is resolute in its pursuit of keeping China from wielding its influence in a way that supports those who wish us harm.