Bioshock Extreme difficulty full playthrough: Part 29 - Big Daddy

8 months ago

This is my second playthrough of Bioshock in Extreme difficulty without using Vita Chambers. The first one i did on PS3, this one was done with the Bioshock Collection for PS4 recorded on PS5. The language setting is German.

Some hints:
1. Save very often and replay parts if you wasted to much ressources. This is very important in the first two areas, every bullet and every injector counts.
2. Learn the areas to know where everything is located.
3. Use the alarm systems to your benefit to save ammo and health. Also you can stun security bots and hack them as support.
4. Stun people and/or aim for the head to maximize damage output.
5. Be careful what you eat. Alcohol will drain eve, so only drink it before you used an injector and are anyways low.
6. Do not waste food or cigarettes, leave them be and remember where to find them in need. These items do not disapear when you move on.
7. I choose to harvest the Little Sisters to get faster access to Adam.
8. Only buy Plasmids you really need. Focus on extra slots and health/eve updates.

If you just want the achievements, start the game as New Game Plus. This will give you a big advantage because you will keep all your weapons, plasmids and slots.

Part 30:

The full test of the game can be found on

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