Racehorse turned therapy horse plays ball with first responder

Published September 19, 2017 4,325 Views $10.01 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPrinz Harry is a thoroughbred Arabian horse who is a former racehorse. He collapsed on the track during a race and was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. His career was over at that moment but a new life was beginning. He found his way to The Mane Intent, an incredible farm in Indian River, Ontario. The farm connects people with horses for opportunities for bonding, learning and personal growth. It is here that Prinz Harry works his magic and he is especially good at helping those who have suffered from emotionally traumatic experiences. In fact, Harry does his best work with first responders.

People can find the human/animal connection and draw strength from the interaction. Harry loves people and he really seems to love his work and his new home. Despite being a very successful racehorse, Prinz Harry has definitely found a higher calling at this magical farm where he is accomplishing tremendous good for those helpers who could use a little help themselves.

Here, we see Harry playing with Dave, a first responder who has learned a very valuable lesson through his interaction with Prinz Harry. Both Harry and Dave have been affected by the exact same arrhythmia. Ironically, Dave and Harry began working together before it was known that they shared this experience. Harry has shown that unexpected set backs and life changes can lead to new directions. Sometimes obstacles in our path send us where we were supposed to end up.

Harry's work is a lot of fun and he clearly loves a game of passing the ball back and forth. Who could resist such a playful and gentle creature as Prinz Harry?

But Prinz Harry isn’t all work all the time. In fact, he begins each therapy session in a very unique way. Watch to see what happens!