Sitting Horse Refuses To Stand Up

Published September 18, 2017 13,030 Plays

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsThis lazy horse, for whatever the reason, has decided that sitting is the best option for him to do at the moment, and he won’t stand up even if the house was on fire, to say. His stubborn behavior is hilarious!

'Stubbornness' in horses is often not stubbornness but often a sign the horse wants to communicate something to you. Horses are herd animals and highly social. Their lives depend on being with their herd and therefore they are hardwired to follow and please. Features that made them suitable to domesticate.

This stubborn fellow in the perfect shade of black and white, looks like a cow, has a sittingposture of a dog, and his stubborn behavior reminds of a donkey.

The woman is constantly begging him to stand up but to no avail. She even gives him treats but there is no reaction whatsoever.

He is one rebel boy! He sits like a yogi and is relaxed like one too. Nothing can interrupt his meditation time or make him stand up. What a character!