Crazy Woman Attacks Family While Hiking

Published September 18, 2017 2,450 Plays $7.17 earned

Rumble When 35-year-old Gemma Wilson and her stepson Charlie went to Nepal, they were hoping for dry terrain, beautiful nature and an overall peaceful hike on the Annapurna Circut. It seems that they got a bit more than they’ve bargained for.

The British woman and her 15-year-old stepson were exploring Nepal when they got a terrifying surprise by one of the locals they encountered at a tea house on August 14. The native woman literally chased them down a mountain for unknown reasons.

“It was just a little tea stop along the way and we were just going to walk past and she said ‘come stop and have a drink’, she seemed very friendly to start with,” Gemma said. “I didn’t order anything, I just got my stepson a black tea.”

When asked to pay, Gemma says the woman charged them three times to normal price for the tea, but she paid anyway. Still, the woman threatened the duo with wooden weapons and chased them down the hiking trail.

“When I got up to pay she told it was 150 rupee. I asked her again and she repeated it, so I got the money out and paid her, but I said to her it was seriously pricey,” Gemma adds, noting that this exchange escalated into the tea vendor calling her “bitch.”

Gemma said that the woman only started to back down when she and her stepson found a man walking a horse. It is reported that other locals said she has done this before to other hikers.


  • BroncoBob, 2 years ago

    You should have used your stick to defend yourself, you should have knocked that wench silly. She was calling your bluff. If you would have stood up to her she would have backed down.

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  • CWescott, 1 year ago

    I would have knocked her ass over the side of that hill.

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  • GeeDougg, 1 year ago

    White people have been turned into the scarediest little rabbits, always apologetic and afraid even when they're right. Welcome to the rest of the world who use you and won't treat you with anywhere near the level of kindness and consideration you treat other people. Even more shameful is the fact that the woman's son is with her and instead of going into protective mode, she's in defensive apologetic "at your mercy" mode. Unbelievable....

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  • sommers, 1 year ago

    i do not understand why her BIG step son ran away? why they did not knock this crazy bitch down the hill? why people DO NOT WANT TO DEFENSE THEMSELVES with sticks, with rocks, with anything at all??? WHY they aloud some idiot chasing them like they are mice and not a human beings?.. Why this woman repeat SORRY?? WHAT FOR???? you have a sticks, you have a rocks under your feet, step up and kick this aggressive dirty monster off your path. Shame on the future man who ran away faster than horse left woman behind.. I remember my 3 year old son when some big boy threw stone to my head just for fun, my little son jumped on this three times bigger boy yelling- Do not touch my Mom! he was ready to fight for me at his age... People please teach your kids to not run away and defense themselves, sometimes you will not be around and kids need to know how to stand up for themselves.

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  • bhushanpal, 1 year ago

    I think the title should read "Crazy woman was attacked while hiking". You ask for tea in 'your' big cup instead of cup from shop and then when the lady insists to be paid the right price, you argue and throw the money on floor. You also took pictures of her small shop without her consent and now portraying a whole different story to the world. No wonder your son left you and was pissed of. I think he knew who was at fault there. Ever wondered how much hardships these people go through. I bet if Starbucks opens shop there you would be willing to pay even 10 times more without a word. Get the other side of story here - and here

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  • Booty_Febacca, 1 year ago

    Drop the ski poles and RUN

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