Dalmatians Nap With Litter Of Foster Kittens

Published September 18, 2017 51,453 Views $62.27 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsWhat does 5 kittens and 3 Dalmatians napping together have in common, the answer is simple: complete and utter cuteness.

Sometimes, cats and dogs can be friends. In fact, they can be best friends indeed and enjoy their nap time together in the coziness of their shared mattress. These little kittens have tucked in so closely to the Dalmatians and enjoy their afternoon purr lying next to their cute, dotted friends.

They look so peaceful and in harmony with themselves. There is nothing more comfortable than taking a nap next to your beloved significant other, feeling safe and sound like there are no worries in the world. Dalmatians are lovely creatures they love to cuddle and are not aggressive. The baby foster kittens blended nicely with the dogs and sure get along just fine.

When they are little, kittens like to play and make new friends, even dog friends. It is easier to make cats and dogs get along with each other when one of them is just a baby. Then, they get used to the environment more naturally and easily adjust to the circumstances. They grow up together and are used to being together, sharing the bed, the food, the toys, etc. It is always very pleasant to see cats and dogs to get along.


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    They are so cute!

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