Little Girl Shocked And Speechless Over Surprise Disneyland Trip

Published September 18, 2017 662 Plays

Rumble / Priceless MomentsElla May has been such a good girl all year ‘round. She been great at school and at home, never complaining about anything (unless, she was hungry, but then again, who doesn’t complain about that?). She has made her mom and step-dad very proud, which is why they decided to grant little Ella May’s greatest wish - a trip to happiest place in the world!

When Ella came back home from school, in her adorable dark green school uniform, her mom and aunt welcomed her with a handwritten note to tell her how proud they are of her for her ambitiousness and candor and that they have decided to be candid with her in return.

Ella and her brother are given a knife (with parental guidance, of course!) to pop the huge red balloon in the room, filled with that looks like confetti. A load of red, yellow and black rounds comes spilling out, making Ella jump at the sight, wanting to play with them. But the confetti aren’t really part of the surprise.

The colorful pieces of paper were just decoy for what Ella really wants - she will be going to Disneyland with her mom and aunt for Halloween!

The girl is so beside herself, she just stands there confused, yet smiling. When mom asks her how does she feel, she utters something along the lines of “are you kidding me”. Poor kid, now she finally has something to really look forward to!