Dog Tries to Carry a Massive Tree Branch But Gets Stuck In The Process

ellabellaPublished: September 17, 2017Updated: September 19, 20179,694 plays$15.05 earned
Published: September 17, 2017Updated: September 19, 2017

This determined German Shepherd dog is trying to move a massive tree branch between a rock and a tree and gets quite frustrated in the process. The dog tries and tries to pick up and carry this massive tree branch to its owner, but fails to do so and starts crying. It is so cute to see how this dog would do anything to please his owner and get his the branch he wants, no matter how big it is. His owner constantly yells "bring, bring" and the dogs wines and howls like he wants to say to his owner "I'm trying, it doesn't work". He is so determined to get the branch through, however he is stuck every time he tries.

He looks at the owner like he is asking for some help. Then, the dog starts digging and scratching the branch with his paws and only makes the tree branch rolls down the hill, making it even more difficult to pass it through. After the several failed attempts the German Shepherd seems to have given up and is looking for an easier target to find. You should pick a smaller branch next time buddy, don't get frustrated over this branch. It was too big to carry around anyways.

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