Bulldog Reacts To Having His Ears Cleaned

Published September 17, 2017 45,388 Views $35.60 earned

Rumble / Dogs & PuppiesUsually dogs don’t enjoy having their ears cleaned, especially this English Bulldog. The only way he knows how to get rid of the tickling in the ears is to take a few tumbles and rub the uncomfortable feeling off the carpet!

It is funny to watch this Bulldog being annoyed by the yikes feeling he has on the inside of his ears and he just cannot shake off the sensation!

He is overly annoyed and starts rolling around on the carpet. It is so adorable to hear him whine and show feelings of disgust every time the owner asks him whether he liked having his ears cleaned!

Most dogs’ ears are a lot larger and their ear canals are much longer than ours are. They are certainly a lot more sensitive. It is not surprising that dogs struggle and may even become aggressive when it comes to the hygiene of their ears.

Dogs frequently develop inflammatory conditions of the ears, so it is important to train your dog to allow handling of its ears from an early age. Ideally, this is done when the ears are healthy, so that the dog learns that handling of the ears is not a painful procedure.

We know for sure that this dog didn’t enjoy the process at all, and wonders what he did wrong to receive the ear treatment!

However, after a few moments, he get on with playing, and totally forgets about his ears and how much he hated the cleaning!