Awkward Porcupinefish is both charming & deadly poisonous

Published September 16, 2017 443 Views $0.15 earned

Rumble / Wild WildlifeThe Porcupinefish is a slow and awkward swimmer, using its fins for propulsion instead of its tail. In order to defend itself from predators it has evolved some incredible advantages to make it virtually invulnerable. Its organs contain a toxin that is so powerful it could kill 30 grown men, if ingested. Even its slime contains a dose of the neurotoxin. It can also inflate by inhaling water or air, making it impossible for anything except a shark to eat it.

The Porcupinefish is an adorable looking fish. Its huge eyes and human like mouth make its face resemble a child's face when it looks at you head on. Diver's find these fish fascinating and take advantage of any opportunity to photograph or video them.

Although quite shy, the Porcupinefish swims among the coral and sea fans with little regard for predators, secure in the knowledge that nature has compensated for its slow speed. To look at this adorable face, one would never guess that this fish is deadly poisonous.

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