Penguins go crazy over GoPro attached to glass

Published September 16, 2017 1,782 Views $3.51 earned

Rumble / Funny & Cute AnimalsPenguins are delightful birds, instantly recognizable by their tuxedo-like markings. This is actually a form of camouflage that makes them harder for predators to see in the water. They spend most of their lives in the water, hunting for fish which they swallow whole while swimming. They are highly social birds, swimming, feeding and nesting in groups.

People are mesmerized by their agility underwater and their graceful and rapid swimming. They use their highly specialized wings to flap for propulsion, creating the effect of flying through the water.

Penguins are also crafty and curious birds and here, in this video, they have become fascinated by the suction cup that holds the GoPro camera on the glass of their tank. They take turns pecking at the glass, trying to figure out what the the unusual object is. They repeatedly poke at it and investigate the circular mark on the glass.

Penguins are adorable when they swim together and their graceful maneuvers create a hypnotic underwater ballet.