What makes a Brock Lesnar match so interesting?

mr_zeeconPublished: September 16, 2017Updated: September 18, 2017
Published: September 16, 2017Updated: September 18, 2017

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Apart from Goldberg, Brock Lesnar is perhaps the most watchable performer of all time to ever step inside a wrestling ring. His entrance, his speed, his strength, his style, everything he puts on the stage is to make sure your attention is held until the very end of his match. You somehow just naturally get invested into a Brock Lesnar match heavily until he delivers the finale and leaves up the ramp.

Even in the beginning when Brock stepped inside a wrestling ring for the very first time, his matches were nothing less than thrilling. But the Brock Lesnar we see today is on a completely different universe than the Brock Lesnar we saw a decade ago and we just cannot possibly fathom for another WWE superstar to reach the level that Brock Lesnar is on today.

So what makes a modern day Brock Lesnar match so interesting that it becomes almost impossible for you not to tune-in?

Just like Hollywood’s beloved writer/director, Christopher Nolan, Brock Lesnar makes sure the opening of his matches are absolutely thrilling so as to put you right into the edge of your seat. This makes sure you’re hooked right from the get go and once he’s done that, Brock begins the transition into the predator mode that loves to play with his prey before finally going for the kill. Now even though this part of the storytelling becomes a little bit repetitive and slow, you’re already on-board, loving every single moment of how Brock begins the epic destruction of his opponent.

Even when he was booked to lose the match against a returning fifty year old Superman Goldberg, he made sure the opening was so nail biting, that you couldn’t help but come up with a numerous different thrilling possibilities that the match could go in.

Now as much as Brock’s techniques, physicality and in ring skills are responsible for making his performance mind blowing, it’s actually the history that Brock carries behind himself that makes it so entertaining to watch him. It’s not just the wrestling that we’re invested in, it’s actually the persona that Brock Lesnar embodies that we love to witness every time he unleashes the beast inside a wrestling ring.

Brock Lesnar as a performer and a character will always be at the forefront of our minds as we’re continuously curious to know how the beast is going to capture our attention next. Because every time he enters a ring, going through an intense storyline and a build-up, we know one thing for sure, Brock Lesnar will deliver a finale that we’re going to talk about for a long-long time and when the day comes when Brock inevitably delivers his final match, it’s undoubtedly going to stick in our minds…, for an eternity.

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